D&L Trail Maintenance Grant

Delaware & Lehigh - D&L Trail Maintenance Grant

2019 D&L Trail Maintenance Grants

The D&L is pleased to open the 2019 D&L Trail Maintenance Grant Program, a reimbursement grant program funded in partnership by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and administered by the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor (D&L). The purpose of the Trail Maintenance Grants is to help D&L Trail owners make improvements to specific areas of the trail in order to improve the user experience and long term sustainability of the D&L Trail and its associated features.

This is a single round grant will award a maximum of $10,000 per project, with a total $25,000 available. The grants will be disbursed with 50% of the funding available at the start of the grant period and the final 50% available at the close of the project. Invoices with payment details for all funds expended will be required for final reimbursement. Grant application is due Aug. 23, 2019. Projects need to be completed by May 15, 2020.

2019 Trail Maintenance Grant Priorities:

  • Keeping improved sections of D&L Trail open and in good condition
  • Increase the capacity of D&L Trail owners to maintain their section of D&L Trail
  • Maintain the historic features along the trail that tell the story of coal transportation at the heart of the D&L Trail


Who is eligible?

Any entity, organization, or municipality that owns a section of D&L Trail and is an active member of the D&L Trail Ownership Council may apply. Additional weight will be given to those organizations who schedule a 2019 maintenance assessment with D&L staff. Partnership applications, between a member of the Ownership Council and a supporting organization, will be entertained with the submission of a cooperative agreement.

What type of project is eligible?

The intent of this grant is to help maintain the D&L Trail. As a multi-use trail, the D&L Trail conditions should match those outlined in the Universal Access Trails and Shared Use Paths guidelines as closely as the historic features will allow. For this grant, funds can be used for:

  • Purchasing materials or equipment to be used on an unimproved section, or a section that has deteriorated (due to storm water washout or other unforeseen circumstance, not deferred maintenance).
  • Training or equipment that would enable staff and volunteers to expand their maintenance capacity.

Questions regarding trail conditions that qualify can be clarified during an annual maintenance inspection scheduled with D&L Trail staff. For more information you can read the full grant guidelines here.  If you have any questions contact the Trail & Stewardship Manager at 610-923-3548 ext. 227.

Step 1 – Budget and Attachments

First you need to download our Maintenance Grant Budget Form and fill it out. Save the completed form to attach to the application later. Also, save electronic copies of any supporting documents for your application (letters of match commitment, maps/diagrams, photos, cost estimates).

Step 2 – Application Form

Fill out this application form. We encourage you to answer every question. Attach your completed budget table and other attachments that will strengthen your application then click SUBMIT. If you prefer to type your answers in a word document to be sure you have everything read then transfer them all into the boxes when you’re ready, here is a word document with the questions.

Fill out the form below to apply for the grant.