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Delaware & Lehigh - Drilling Begins, Directional Signs Coming

[Trail Steward Scott Everett oversees drilling]

The D&L’s 20th anniversary trail signage project is making rapid progress. The first round of installation will be revealed on June 7, when directional “blades” are unveiled and installed on several sections of the trail as part of National Trails Day events. These “blades” will include destination and mileage information to make it easier to use the D&L Trail.

[One of the D&L’s new directional “blades”]

We hope to encourage long-distance bike rides and walks between the historic towns and natural areas that the trail connects. Also, look for mileage markers to appear along the trail beginning in early June. These markers will not only make it simple to measure the length of walks and rides but also assist emergency personnel in the case of an accident. The D&L has made great strides in acquiring land and improving the trail, and the new directional signage will help all users take full advantage.