Trail Patrol

Delaware & Lehigh - Trail Patrol

Volunteer while visiting the trail!

Walk or bike on the D&L Trail frequently? Do your friends ask you about trail conditions? Have a favorite section of trail that you know like the back of your hand? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should join the D&L Trail Patrol!

This is a volunteer program that you do on our own time and serve as an ambassador on the trail helping keep it safe for thousands of trail users.  There are two levels that you can participate:

  • Informal: Report issues on the D&L Trail using social media and the #DLTrailPatrol . No time commitments or training needed.
  • Formal: Volunteers attend a training and commit to patrolling the trail at least twice a month April through October.  Volunteers record and report their patrols on the online form. D&L provides supplies.

Informal Trail Patrol Instructions

If you are out on the trail and see something good (great trail conditions, nice amenities, etc) or bad (down tree blocking trail, vandalism, damaged trail, etc) we want to know about it.  Here are the three easy steps to quickly report a situation.

  1. Take a video or photo of the situation.
  2. Tag the D&L, include the #DLTrailPatrol , a description, and a location (trail section, mile marker, or GPS)
  3. Post it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Formal Trail Patrol Process & Form

If you want to join the formal program, please contact the D&L Trails & Conservation Director. Volunteers promise to patrol at least twice a month, April through October. Volunteers receive supplies to help trail users and fill out the online form to record their reports.  This is a fun and easy way to help us monitor the 140+ miles of D&L Trail. You can read more about the program and requirements here.

Volunteers are required to attend an in person training where they learn about the trail, how to help trail users, and what to report. Training sessions will be held in the Spring and Fall each year. For more information about trainings and to register– click HERE and email the Trails & Conservation Director with any questions.

Online Trail Patrol form – Password required to sign in.