Lehigh Valley Greenways

Delaware & Lehigh - Lehigh Valley Greenways

There’s power in partnership.

As part of its environmental stewardship, the D&L is a partner in Lehigh Valley Greenways, a state-sponsored regional conservation partnership that brings together public and private stakeholders in an effort to link communities with greenways, trails, and outdoor resources. Lehigh Valley Greenways (LVG) partnership is one of eight Conservation Landscapes in Pennsylvania designated by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to create these sorts of public-private partnerships.

The Lehigh Valley Greenways program has begun to strengthen local economies and improve public health by linking urban communities with vital outdoor spaces. As the local lead of LVG, D&L helps coordinate quarterly partnership meetings and manages the LVG mini-grant program to support local conservation projects. Throughout Northampton and Lehigh counties, we work with local municipal and non-profit partners to protect watersheds, retain the character of the landscape, preserve the region’s heritage, and improve the quality of life for all residents. Learn more here: 2014 Eastern PA Greenways & Trails Summit Program.

Four goals guide Lehigh Valley Greenways:

Land Conservation and Restoration- Conserve critical landscapes, restore degraded habitats and buffered stream corridors, and promote best management practices.

Outdoor Recreation & Trail Connections- Connect people to greenway and trail opportunities to promote healthy living, recreation, and the region’s green assets.

Community Revitalization- Support community revitalization through green infrastructure that enhances the quality of life.

Local Education & Outreach- Promote understanding of our natural environment and its benefits to our communities.

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