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Bringing our stories to life

The Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor is rich, complex and diverse with many cultural, industrial and institutional sites and attractions. The Corridor offers opportunities to walk its trails, visit historic sites, play and relax in its special places. The purpose Visually Speaking is to:

  • Make resources accessible and clear to the public through  signage and brochures
  • Understand the role rivers, landscapes, people, and industry play in our lives
  • Remind us that this river valley is unique

Use this website to learn about our interpretive, directional, and directional wayfinding signage. Our process uses an Interest, Agreement, Content and Design, and Close Out Form. Take time to familiarize yourself with the process, forms and available signage in Visually Speaking: Bringing Our Stories to Life.

Visually Speaking: Bringing Our Stories to Life

Visually Speaking Design Guidelines

Sign Maintenance

Interested making a sign using the D&L Visually Speaking designs?

Contact the D&L to discuss your project. Send an email or call 610-923-3548 so we can connect you with the correct staff member.


Click on the titles below to find all the necessary forms.

1. Interest Form

2. Agreement Form

Parts I – III:

Available Online. Identify landowners and partners, confirm signage order, clarify signage installation locations.

Parts IV – V:

Provided by the Visually Speaking Manager.

Declare estimate fabrication and design costs, state funding contributions, sign agreement between landowners, partners and the D&L.

3. Content and Design Form

4. Close Out Form