Trail Tenders & Adopt-A-Section

Delaware & Lehigh - Trail Tenders & Adopt-A-Section

Want to give back to the D&L Trail and local community?

Join Trail Tenders or Sign up to Adopt-A-Section of the D&L!

D&L Trail Tenders are local residents who want to make a difference and help preserve the great local recreation and historic resources for everyone to enjoy.  For over 15 years people just like you have volunteered to help remove trash, maintain the trail, clean historic structures, and improve amenities for trail users.  Thousands of people have volunteered time all along the trail from Wilkes-Barre to Bristol.  This has resulted in a cleaner environment, increased quality of life, preserved history, and better trails.  We hope you can join us to make a difference!

Ways to Participate with Trail Tenders

There are three types of ways you can participate with Trail Tenders.  Find the opportunity that suits you best.

  • Public Trail Tender Events:  From April – November the DLNHC hosts a Trail Tender event on a Saturday or Sunday along the D&L Trail.  These events are open to the public as an opportunity for anyone to join us and help out.  Events are posted at least a month in advance so sign up for the volunteer list or check our blog for upcoming events.
  • Private Trail Tender Events: Does your business, club, or social group want to hold a work day on the trail?  If so we can arrange a weekday just for your members on a section of trail or project that is important to your group. Contact the Events & Volunteer Coordinator to arrange the details.
  • Adopt-A-Section of D&L Trail: Some dedicated groups have adopted sections of the D&L Trail. Adopters can be individuals, groups, families, companies, and schools. They are required to complete a brief training and sign an agreement stating their intent to clean their section of trail monthly, communicate with the landowner, provide yearly sign cleaning and monthly reporting. This is a great way to show your love for a section of trail and make a big difference! Training attendance is required for this program- visit our Trail Volunteer Training page to find out when the next public training is. If you are an interested school, visit our School Program Resource Page. Please contact the Trails & Conservation Director for more information.

However you decide to participate, make sure to sign up as a Trail Tender volunteer so you stay up to date with all the events and fun.

More information and forms

For more information about Trail Tenders, contact the Director of Trails & Conservation by email or call 610-923-3548 ext.227

General Work Day Instructions and Safety Recommendations

Tool Library– As an Trail Tender or Adopter, you can check out tools and equipment from DLNHC.

Trail Tenders Online Reporting Form

Trail Tender Volunteer Hours Log