Data Driven Sustainability

Delaware & Lehigh - Data Driven Sustainability

Data drives us to keep making connections

We hear about data all the time. Big data, bad data, data breaches, and no data.  But how can data be used effectively to help trails and environmental or outdoor recreation focused organizations?  The Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor embarked on a three year study to see how our organization could better utilize data to sustain and manage the D&L Trail.  We are taking what we learned and sharing it with other interested parties.  Use this web page to explore all things data and the processes that will help you create a culture of data driven sustainability.

D&L Data Driven Sustainability
The D&L Data Driven Sustainability Process

Explore the following web pages to find more details about how to learn and use the D&L Data Driven Sustainability Process.

This project was made possible by funding from: