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Delaware & Lehigh - Plan Your Trip

Make the most of your journey

Let us help you plan your next visit to the D&L Trail and Corridor, using our various tools, including our online and regional maps, ride guides, and Trail Friendly business recommendations.

Online Interactive Map

Our interactive map provides the most up to date information on the D&L Trail, while pointing out our Trail Towns, Trail Friendly Businesses, and great museums and sites to explore.

Regional Maps

Love our maps, but haven’t been able to get your hands on a physical copy? All of our maps are available online as PDFs available for digital download.

For more details on our maps, visit our Trail Maps page.

*NEW* D&L Trail Guide and APP

We’ve developed our FIRST EVER D&L Trail Guidebook and APP. These resources bring together the adventure that awaits you on the D&L Trail and the rich industrial heritage that was and is throughout the Corridor. Whether you want to disconnect completely or indulge in an interactive mobile experience, learn all there is to know about the Corridor at the tip of your fingers.

Digital Ride Guides

The D&L collaborated with Ride with GPS and BikeOut to create custom ride guides for D&L Trail. These ride guides will highlight some of the best rides and routes along the D&L Trail and provide custom turn by turn navigation to simplify your visit. These guides also show trail user amenities (like bathrooms, water, and trailheads), and and highlight our D&L Trail Friendly Businesses and historic sites along the D&L Trail.

To explore our current ride guides, visit our Ride Guides page.

Businesses that are Trail Friendly

The Corridor is full of great places to eat, shop, and recreate — but we’ve done the work of identifying the most trail friendly ones so you don’t have to. From training their staff on D&L Corridor and Trail knowledge to refilling water bottles and providing bike racks, our D&L Certified Trail Friendly Businesses are committed to not only welcoming trail users and the D&L community but serving their unique needs.

For a full listing, visit our Trail Friendly Business page.