Ashley Borough to Laurel Run North

Delaware & Lehigh - Ashley Borough to Laurel Run North

Trail Planning extends into the Wyoming Valley! 

The Delaware & Lehigh national Heritage Corridor and partners completed a planning study called the Ashley Borough to Laurel Run North Corridor Analysis in Winter of 2022. This plan explored what future trail could look like from Ashley Borough to the future Laurel Run North trailhead, also known as the Giant’s Despair Park in Laurel Run Borough, Luzerne County. It considers where the trail can physically fit, what amenities might be included, and identifies links to neighborhoods and community resources. The trail section is approximately 2 miles long and will connect to a soon to be constructed section of the D&L Trail on Wilkes-Barre Mountain that will lead to the Seven Tubs Recreation Area and Pinchot State Forest. 

You can view the Ashley Borough to Laurel Run North Corridor Analysis here:

Next steps for this project will include title research to clarify current landowners of the preferred trail route, design and engineering, and construction. 

This trail section is part of the larger Luzerne Gap, a major trail gap along the D&L Trail that focuses on a connection through Luzerne County to downtown Wilkes-Barre. This gap includes over 20 miles of future trail and 7 trail projects that navigate historic railbed, scenic vistas, and community connections. When complete, this gap will connect the Black Diamond Trailhead to the D&L Trail’s northern terminus along the Susquehanna River in the City of Wilkes-Barre.

Partnerships with PennDOT 

This study was developed alongside the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Partnership 81 Project which is redesigning the I-81 and SR-309 interchange near the City of Wilkes-Barre for improved safety and mobility. Our trail study aims to provide PennDOT with a preferred trail alignment so they may accommodate space for the trail within their project scope.

For more information, please contact the Trail Stewardship Manager at [email protected], or 610-923-3548 x227 

The Laurel Run North to Ashley Borough Corridor Analysis was made possible with funding support from a mini-grant from the Pocono Forests & Waters Conservation Landscape, managed by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council and funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.