Instructions and Safety

Delaware & Lehigh - Instructions and Safety

Guidance to help you stay safe

Here are some general instructions and safety items that we recommend when holding a Trail Tender event.  Remember safety is always the top priority!

Before the Event

  • Make sure you have scouted out the work location and are familiar with the area and the work to be done.
  • Coordinate with the Trail Program Manager and local landowner any work that you plan to do.
  • Have all tools and material ready to use.
  • Communicate with your group the essential information of meeting location, time frame, work to be done, and any other critical information.
  • Remind people to wear clothing that is appropriate for working outdoors.  Everyone must wear close toed shoes. Long shirts and pants work best to keep off brush and sun.  Bring a water bottle and a snack.
  • Be in contact with the group if the weather looks bad.  In case of severe weather cancel the event.

During the Event

  • Make sure that everyone has registered as a volunteer online or fills out a paper form.
  • Have everyone sign in to record their hours on the volunteer time sheet.
  • Bring everyone together and explain the roles and tasks for the day.
  • Make sure to give a safety talk.  Remind everyone that safety is the highest priority.
    • Be careful when working with tools or equipment.  Never use a tool that you do not feel comfortable with.
    • Be alert to those around you and the work that they are doing.
    • Never put yourself in a dangerous position or risk injury to get work done. Your safety is more important.
    • Communicate with others where, when, and what you are doing.
    • Have a first aide kit available.
  • Have more experienced people oversee and help others.  Never let children work alone.
  • Remember to take breaks for water and snacks as needed.
  • Take photos of the work that you are doing.  Before and after photos are great ways to document your impact.
  • Make sure to thank everyone for their time and effort!

After the Event

  • Make sure to submit a complete Trail Tender Report that documents the work you did.
  • Turn in the completed volunteer time sheet to the Trail Programs Manager.
  • Follow up with the local landowner or Trail Programs Manager about any important information.
  • Communicate with the group a follow up thank you for their work.