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Delaware & Lehigh - D&L Days and Trail Town Stays: New Hope, PA

Post by: Lauren Drabenstott, D&L Marketing Intern

Running, biking, walking, and hiking: these are the activities typically associated with the D&L. Take a step back from the trail, however, and you’ll find that more exists than footpaths – enough to ensure that there is something for everyone. Come see what New Hope, PA, has to offer, and, if you haven’t already, start exploring the many wonderful Trail Towns.

My day began during the car ride more than anywhere else. Choosing to sacrifice time, my friends and I drove along the Delaware River, taking in the natural scenery. We ended up parking in Lambertville, New Jersey, which was on my itinerary.

Walking around, I found the town quaint and cute, with plentiful art galleries, antique stores, and cafés. I stopped into Klines Court Antiques, and later into Greene Street, a consignment shop. The quality of shopping in Lambertville thoroughly impressed me – as opposed to some flea markets or other thrift stores, Lambertville’s scene boasts only the best. New Hope, in this regard, is similar.

Downtown Lambertville, NJ, a town near New Hope, PA along the D&L Trail

Lambertville, NJ, is a small city alive with opportunities to shop, eat, relax, and get outside.

Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail in Lambertville, NJ. D&L Trail

The greenery in Lambertville, just across Bridge St. from New Hope, is sure to impress.

As it neared noon, I made my way across Bridge St. The short, accessible walk to New Hope offers a stunning view, looking north and south down the Delaware River.

Bridge St. between Lambertville, NJ, and New Hope, PA, a D&L Trail Town

Bridge St., which connects Pennsylvania and New Jersey, includes a defining line between the two — you can stand in both states at once!

View down the Delaware River from Bridge St., which connects Lambertville, NJ, and New Hope, PA, a D&L Trail Town

Gorgeous view down the Delaware River, even on a not-so-sunny day.

I did a spot more shopping, discovering my favorite store in New Hope: Love Saves the Day. As well as offering some gorgeous vintage finds, the shop teems with quirky novelty items. New Hope itself is similarly artistic and independent, giving it an inviting, engaging atmosphere – no wonder it was so active with other visitors.

Vintage clothing in Love Saves the Day, a store in New Hope, PA, a D&L Trail Town

Love Saves the Day not only has novelty items, but also vintage clothing, records, accessories and more.

A great example of New Hope’s artistic character — inside were free balloon animals.

I then headed off to Blue Moose, an artsy café a short walk from Main Street. There, I enjoyed one of the best brunches I’ve had. With Blue Moose as my first impression of New Hope’s restaurant scene, I look forward to returning to try out what must be more delicious options.

Blue Moose Restaurant & Café resides down one of New Hope’s many charming streets.

Brunch at Blue Moose Restaurant and Cafe in New Hope, PA, a Trail Town along the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor

From left to right: the LGBT (lettuce, guacamole, bacon, tomato) burger plus fries; the quiche of the day; and the Zippity omelette (bacon, avocado, baby spinach, tomato, goat cheese) plus breakfast potatoes and apple compote.

After my satisfying meal, I explored the southern end of New Hope. In this section, I particularly liked Night Bird Vintage Clothing and Farley’s Bookshop. However, the variety seems endless – specialty shops, cooking stores, boutiques, handmade goods, you name it.

Clock along Main Street in New Hope, PA, a D&L Trail Town.

Little touches like this help make New Hope so inviting.

Shot of downtown New Hope, PA, a D&L Trail Town.

I could have browsed all day and not hit every store. And, coming from me, that’s saying something.

I quickly stopped into Moo Hope, a small-batch ice cream parlor. My friends and I split three luscious scoops, taking full advantage of the riverfront seating.

Ice cream at Moo Hope, an ice cream parlor in New Hope, PA, a town along the D&L National Heritage Corridor

Blueberry crunch, mint chip, and (buried) chocolate salted caramel.

The Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor offers endless possibilities to support local businesses.

Having nearly exhausted my shopping capabilities, I needed a change of scenery. So, I found the D&L Trail, a block from Main Street, and took a well-needed stroll. While, like the other sections, the trail is flat and well-maintained, it retains uniqueness with its charming bridges, greenery, and house-lined canal. For runners, bikers, or walkers looking to burn off some ice cream, nothing could be better.

A bike rider on the D&L Trail section in New Hope, PA

From Mountain Top to Bristol, the D&L Trail connects every Trail Town, a key resource in encouraging development, recreation, sustainability and history.

A bridge across the Delaware Canal, which runs along the D&L Trail in New Hope, PA

Every area of the trail has its own character. Like the rest of New Hope, this section is quirky and charming.

I then ended the day back in Lambertville, where I made one more quick stop at The People’s Store Antiques Center. The shop spans multiple floors and reminds me of the Lehigh Valley’s slightly more chaotic antique shopping. At the end of the day, there is something exciting about heaps upon heaps of objects. And, undeniably, it feels satisfying to find something wonderful among it all.

Downtown New Hope, PA, a stop along the 165 mile long D&L Trail

Even the streets of New Hope are photogenic!

Shops in Lambertville, NJ, across Bridge St. from New Hope, PA, a D&L Trail Town

Lambertville has a slightly more relaxed atmosphere than New Hope — a perfect place to end my day.

The D&L offers this same sort of untapped possibility. Expanding your horizons past the trail, and into the Trail Towns, presents an array of things to do. There is the whole of the Corridor to explore, to help you make connections among nature, culture, communities, recreation and heritage.