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Delaware & Lehigh - D&L Receives Additional Funds for Northampton to North Catty Trail Section

Written By Scott Everett

We received word just before Christmas that the D&L has been awarded very competitive Transportation Enhancement Act (TEA) funding in the amount of $488,750 for trail construction in Lehigh and Northampton counties.

An artistic rendering of the proposed North Catty trailhead

The funds will be used to build the section of the D&L Trail from the Hokendauqua Creek pedestrian bridge in Northampton to the North Catasauqua trailhead. This will dovetail with the existing funding we have for the trail from North Catasauqua to Allentown—portions that are currently being designed.

This is historically significant section of the Lehigh Canal and Lehigh River. The canal traveled south from Northampton, bringing boats to a slack part of the river. The iron industry thrived for a time on both sides of the river with the Crane Iron Works in Catty and the Thomas Iron Works in Hokey. In addition, several railroad spurs were located in the area.

An unimproved stretch of the North Catty trail section

The main focus of this project will be to handle infrastructure issues, stabilize the trail, and hopefully surface the entire length.

Stay tuned for more details.