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Delaware & Lehigh - 2022 Presentation Agenda

What is the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor? Claire Sadler, Executive Director, provided an overview of the organization, introduced staff and board members, highlighted upcoming events, and discussed how the D&L Trail is the spine of many local trails and an integral part of the regional trail network.

Tell me more about the D&L Trail!  Liz Rosencrans, Trail & Stewardship Manager, discussed the current trail projects in each county including future projects to address trail gaps and maintenance, as well as recently completed projects. She explained where to find trail resources for trip planning and defined trail terms such as tow-path, rail trail, and the difference between “Open and Improved,”  “Unimproved,” and “Future” sections of D&L Trail. 

How can I get more involved?  Imogen Wirth-Granlund, Program Coordinator, led the discussion on trail programs at the D&L and highlighted how our audience could get more involved through opportunities like Trail Patrol, Trail Tenders, Get Your Tail on the Trail, and our various Trail Towns programs.

How does the D&L support regional conservation efforts?  Brit Kondravy, Conservation Coordinator, discussed Lehigh Valley Greenways, the D&L’s main conservation program, THE LINK Trail Network, and provided an example of a Lehigh Valley Greenways mini-grant project that supports water quality.

We want to hear from you!  Mandy Tolino, Director of Trails and Conservation, provideed an example of how the D&L community can elevate the message of the D&L by participating in a postcard campaign, following us on social media, and/or becoming a member of the D&L. Mandy wrapped up the program with a Q&A session.