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Delaware & Lehigh - January Featured Volunteer: Don Kelly!

Let’s face it, we know DLNHC has the best volunteers out there! Our volunteers commit their time, talents, and knowledge to our non-profit and we would not succeed without the incredible work they do. As such, we want to highlight our volunteers to showcase not only what they do for our organization but also how they support their surrounding communities. That’s why this year we’re introducing a Featured Volunteer segment, a quarterly blog meant to shine a light on some of the fantastic people who help us behind the scenes.  

When choosing who we wanted to feature for this month’s Featured Volunteer, our staff unanimously agreed on Don Kelly.

DLNHC Volunteer, Don Kelly

Don has volunteered with the organization for the past six years, assisting multiple departments in the organization, including Trails, Facilities, Archives, Museum, and even our yearly Half Marathon event.

“Don is a model volunteer. He’s happy to try almost anything and is fun to work with. He is also a great advocate for the DLNHC. His work makes us a better organization.”


Don has lived in Bethlehem since 2009 but has been in the Lehigh Valley since the 1990s! His favorite thing about the Lehigh Valley is the mix of activities people can partake in, whether it be focused on enjoying the outdoors, culture, or food. There is always something to do nearby!  

When asked what his favorite thing about volunteering was, Don smiled, “I like doing stuff with like-minded people.”  

It certainly shows! Anytime Don is involved in a project, he’s a joy to work with, even when helping with tasks that simply keep the organization moving. That’s one of the things he has learned through volunteering. There are a lot of moving parts, especially in the non-profit world and sometimes there are tasks that just need to get done even if it may not seem important at the time.  

Don will always remember finding hidden gems while volunteering for the DLNHC, especially when helping in the Archives Department. As a retired mechanical engineer and self-described computer nerd, Don “geeked out” when he discovered old blueprints of a Bessemer converter, a tool used to convert pig iron to steel. He also loved coming across a mix of drawings and maps of the old railroad yards in Easton. 

When he’s not volunteering, Don enjoys spending time with his wife, Anne. They recently went on a bike tour from Jasper through Banff and onto Canmore in Canada. Don insists this was the most beautiful place he’s ever been, and after seeing some of the photos, I agree. When they’re not on bike tours they enjoy spending time with family. In fact, Don and Anne have officially become grandparents to a baby girl, Iris. I bet we’ll see her on the D&L Trail in no time!  

Don, on behalf of all of us at the DLNHC, thank you for all your hard work and for being willing to help no matter how small the job may seem.  

Don’s parting words of wisdom, “Don’t worry too much about being good at things, just do it and find a way to enjoy it.”

Written by Anna Kristjansen, DLNHC Event & Volunteer Coordinator