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Delaware & Lehigh - Great Delaware Canal Chase

On September 13, join Landmark Towns and Ravenchase Adventures for a real-life treasure hunt that will take you through the towns of Bristol, Morrisville, New Hope, and Yardley. Travel by car along 60 miles of the Delaware Canal, and solve codes and ciphers while learning a little bit about American history.

Arm yourself with a handmade treasure map, clues on parchment scrolls, and perhaps a cool gadget (like a black light to see clues written in invisible ink). Ravenchase staff personally greets each group at the start of the race, explains the rules of the game, and provides each team with the materials they will need. The answers and puzzle pieces along the course will lead you to a secret end location, where prizes are awarded to the top teams!

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Ravenchase’s website.