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Written By Silas Chamberlin

Open up the newspaper. Browse the posts that have appeared on this blog. Take a look around your community and the places you hike, bike, and play. It isn’t a secret that the D&L has completed some amazing projects this year–from adding key sections to the D&L Trail and distributing grants to growing our Tales of the Towpath program and hosting major regional forums on topics from trails to historic preservation. We’ve accomplished a lot and have much more planned for next year.

At the same time, however, the D&L (along with many historic, cultural, and environmental organizations) has lost some of our most important state and federal funding sources, and the prospect of that funding being reinstated any time soon is bleak. Now more than ever, we are counting on our friends in the communities we serve to recognize what the essential role the D&L plays in heritage preservation and interpretation, environmental stewardship, recreation, and economic development. We think our work speaks for itself. Please click here to read a letter from D&L President Allen Sachse.

If you think the D&L has been a positive force in your community and you want us to continue our work, please consider becoming a member or making a donation today.