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Delaware & Lehigh - An Intern’s Experience of the Canal Boat Ride

Post by: Sara Ann Salter, D&L Marketing and Development Intern

       I’m a Penn State public relations major interning for the D&L Heritage Corridor as a Marketing and Development intern. I’ve been here for about two months now, and it’s been a really wonderful experience so far. I wanted to share my experience of the first time I enjoyed a ride on the Josiah White II canal boat because I know you will enjoy it too!

      I realize that history isn’t everyone’s thing and truth be told, I’ve been on some pretty sleep-inducing historic experiences before. But, as I stepped on the deck of the Josiah White II something really intrigued me – maybe it was the period accurate dress that was adorned, or the ever-charming mules, Hank and George, clopping down the towpath. I took my seat on the deck of the replica canal boat and enjoyed the surroundings as Sue, our guide, began to speak.

      We started gliding down the canal as Sue explained the complicated life a family would have on the canal. I couldn’t believe whole families would live on a boat that small for months at a time! Then the boat began to turn, which is a far more tedious process than one might think. We grew closer and closer to the Locktender’s house which not only offered a great photo opportunity, but also gave fascinating insight into the life of a Locktender’s family.

       The atmosphere on the boat was relaxed and encouraged questions as well as moments to walk around to get the full experience. I learned so much more than I had anticipated and had such a great time that I encouraged my family and friends to go for a ride too. It was a peaceful and educational afternoon activity – absolutely perfect for any age.

        Overall, the truly organic, passionate and accurate manner in which the information was shared speaks to the heart of D&L and those that work there. I really believe that there isn’t an organization around that deserves more support from the community because of the education, atmosphere, and connection to our history that it provides.

If you’re interested in taking a ride for yourself, you can find more information here. We also offer memberships that get you $5 canal boat rides and free admission to the National Canal Museum. Enjoy!