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Delaware & Lehigh - Introducing: Pat & Sandy Corpora

By now, you’ve probably heard of Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor’s (DLNHC) year-end matching challenge, Double Your Dollar. To celebrate the success of the challenge thus far, we wanted to share the generous faces behind this initiative – Pat and Sandy Corpora. As long-time donors of DLNHC, Pat and Sandy have supported the organization, and many others, in various ways. 

From Sicily to Southside Easton

Born to parents Santa and Vincenzo Corpora, Pat immigrated to the United States with his family at the age of five. Settling down in southside Easton, there was much to explore for Pat as he acclimated to his new life in the Corridor. One activity he remembers fondly is running along the towpath at the Forks of the Delaware. South along the Delaware or west along the Lehigh, Pat began appreciating the beauty of nature.  

“I found it to be this really wonderful place to escape to; to be able to enjoy nature and get exercise. I think that was the beginning of my appreciation for [the Corridor] overall.” 

As he got older, Pat continued to stay close to the Corridor. He grew up in Easton, lived for some time in Center Valley, and currently resides in Bethlehem with his wife Sandy. Except for a brief period in Virginia, they have stayed local, using the Corridor and the D&L Trail as a resource.  

It is not surprising that, as DLNHC’s presence began to grow, so did Pat and Sandy’s support. They have been long-time donors, and Pat currently volunteers as a D&L Trail Patroller. He travels the D&L Trail on bike, checking for damage and offering assistance to those that need it.

Doing Good

“One of the things my parents taught me was that, if you are in a position to do good, then you have an obligation to do so.” 

This philosophy sits at the core of Pat and Sandy’s philanthropic endeavors. Every year, they support causes related to education, social well-being, and the environment.  

“We’ve benefited from a variety of different opportunities that were given to us and at this point in our lives, we feel that we should be giving back,” said Pat.  

Recognizing its value to themselves personally, and the greater public, DLNHC sits high on their list of charitable giving. And over the years, Pat has been able to see, firsthand, the progress DLNHC has made throughout the five-county Corridor and for the D&L Trail specifically.  

“It’s obvious. Even after storms, there’s quick action to get damaged sections back to usable conditions. Not just that, sometimes I’ll see Claire leading a walk and discussing the history of what happened there, promoting the history of the region. So to me, it’s really obvious that there’s an organization – a group of dedicated people – working to maintain and enhance and promote the trail.” 

Matching Faces to the Challenge 

Pat and Sandy Corpora are the faces behind DLNHC’s 2023 year-end matching challenge – Double Your Dollar.

While this is not the first time Pat and Sandy have participated in a matching challenge, it is the first time they have supported DLNHC through such an initiative. “There is value in it,” said Pat, “in your neighbors seeing that you support a specific cause. Even if people don’t know who we are, knowing that there are others willing to put up resources to support a cause, it might just encourage them to do the same. And who knows, with everyone’s support, our $7,500 can become $15,000.” 

For those unaware, with the support of Pat and Sandy Corpora, DLNHC has been able to launch a matching challenge this giving season. For every individual who sends in a first time gift, or donor that decides to increase their giving from previous years, Pat and Sandy will match it dollar-for-dollar up to $7,500.  

“This matching challenge from Pat and Sandy is a blessing for the organization and our community. With this match, they are inspiring people to give critical support, preserving heritage and nature across the five-county Corridor. Every dollar truly counts and here’s your chance to double it – turning one bag of mule feed into two.”   

This initiative has had a major impact on DLNHC year-end fundraising campaign, allowing the organization a new opportunity to support goals for 2024 and beyond.  

More than Money 

For non-profit organizations, even small amounts make a difference. Individual support alone makes up 30% of our operations funding. But DLNHC believes that donations can be more than just money; they can be donations of time, talents, and treasures. 

Pat and Sandy dedicate themselves to various initiatives with DLNHC and other organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley. Pat coordinates the volunteer gardeners at the historic Burnside Plantation in Bethlehem, helping provide fresh produce with a historic twist. As an artist herself, Sandy is heavily involved with ArtsQuest and other organizations that provide workshops to budding artists. 

Thank You For Taking Action 

Will you join the Corporas and support our mission to preserve and celebrate the region’s heritage? Whether you send in a gift, volunteer with us, or donate a piece of history to be preserved, DLNHC wants to thank you for Taking Action to help support our five-county Corridor’s national and natural heritage.