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Delaware & Lehigh - New Hope: Come as You Are and Please Stay that Way

Written by Geri Delevich, Up River Productions

New Hope is a small, scenic river town nestled along the Delaware River in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Located just an hour or two away from Philadelphia, New York City, and most parts of New Jersey, it offers an enchanting escape from the fast-paced routines of daily life.

Since the early 1900s, New Hope has attracted a following of artists from all walks of life. Painters, sculptors, writers, actors, and musicians have come to this picturesque place to soak up the beauty of the surrounding countryside and to enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded colleagues. Today, New Hope combines the historic charms and creative atmosphere of bygone days with an edgy, eclectic, and playful style.

“Quaint” and “Quirky” are two words often used to describe this town. Yes, New Hope is still known as a haven for artists, but it is also a paradise for shoppers, a showcase for antiques dealers, a hangout for food lovers, a romantic hideaway for couples, a fun-filled destination for families, a gathering place for entertainers, a hot spot for ghost hunters, a home for the famed Bucks County Playhouse, and a landmark village filled with numerous historic sites. Within just one square mile, New Hope offers you all of these amazing things.

Perhaps the one quality that has made New Hope such an outstanding community throughout its history is the fact that it has always been a place where differences (whether they be racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, or sexual orientation) are not just tolerated–they are embraced and celebrated. William Penn founded Pennsylvania over three centuries ago based on the Quaker beliefs of equality, social justice, peaceful co-existence, and brotherly love. He would be proud to know that New Hope has become a shining example of a community committed to those same values. Through good times and bad times and the inevitable challenges that all communities face, the town has been held together by a core conviction that all people should be respected for who they are as individuals. This culture of openness, acceptance, and diversity has allowed New Hope to prosper and thrive.

This vision of advancing the ideals of respect and unity resulted in the creation of Up River Productions, Inc. and the Embraceable You Project. It is a three-fold endeavor that includes a documentary film, a music compact disc, and a book. The purpose of this entire project is quite simple: to demonstrate how this community exemplifies HOPE, not as a dream or an aspiration, but as a reality. It is our wish that you, too, will find room in your heart to welcome and nurture this same spirit of inclusiveness and togetherness.

The natural beauty of this charming river town is only surpassed by the beauty of its people who have embraced differences in individuals throughout its history. Watch the Embraceable You Trailer to catch a glimpse of this award winning documentary and the quaint, progressive village situated on the banks of the Delaware River. To learn more about the Embraceable You Project and the Bring ELLEN to New Hope campaign visit Up River Productions.

Once you embrace hope–anything is possible.