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Post by D&L Guest Blogger: Christina Crawford

In honor of Global Running Day, I want to encourage you to run and respect our running routes now and always!

On National Trails Day, I joined the D&L Trail Tenders to clean up the section of D&L Trail between Sand Island and Freemansburg. As a runner, I was surprised by what I found.

Trash. Not just empty soda cans, candy wrappers, and potato chip bags, but running and energy gels.

Energy gel litter found along the D&L Trail.

As summer approaches, more runners are taking to the D&L Trail to begin training for upcoming fall races. I, too, will soon begin training for a fall half marathon. Longer runs mean runners need to refuel along the way – gels, chews, chomps, raisins, sports drinks – whatever it may be for you, it is probably a packaged item. This could result in more trash along the trail in the coming months.

Please remember to always respect nature anywhere you run. When you are training, do your best to dispose of your trash. If there is not a trash bin nearby, consider holding onto it or putting it back into a pocket, especially since most running shorts today are made to hold running gels.

As a runner, I feel responsible for keeping our running routes clean and safe. I encourage all of you to do the same! As you are active along the D&L Trail, whether you are running, walking, or bicycling, always remember to respect nature.

My experience helping to clean up the D&L Trail inspired me to retrace my steps and help clean up the route when I finish a training run or race. The D&L Trail is a part of our community, so let’s give back to our trail on Global Running Day and every day!