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Delaware & Lehigh - Trail Etiquette & Updates

With trail season quickly approaching, it’s time for a refresher on the Rules of Safe Trail Use

There’s something for everyone to love on a trail. Whether it’s walking, rolling, or riding on the trail, soaking in the scenery, connecting with friends and family, or learning a new skill – the trail is open to all! But, for everyone to enjoy the trail together, it’s important to remember the core safety rules, known as the Six Golden Rules for Trails (Rails to Trails Conservancy)

  1. Use Safe Speeds – 15 MPH recommended on the D&L Trail 
  1. Keep Right, Pass Left – ride single file and give an audible signal before passing. Bikes yield to pedestrians and ALL yield to horses 
  1. Standing Still? Stand Aside – move off trail when stopped to avoid collision 
  1. Mind Your Pets – leashes are required for pets along the D&L Trail 
  1. Be Alert –leave one earbud out and stay aware of your surroundings  
  1. Know and Follow the Rules – remember to check your local D&L Trail section rules for permitted uses before planning your trip 

Check out some informational videos about Trail Etiquette at Share the Trail by Rails to Trails Conservancy before you get out and enjoy the D&L Trail this season! 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Interactive Webmap is updated regularly with information provided by landowners. Please note, an update will remain posted with the original posting date for as long as the incident is still relevant. Please check our Web Map for current updates before planning any excursions on the D&L Trail.  

The Delaware Canal region was one of the most heavily damaged sections of the D&L Trail after Tropical Storm Ida. Caution advisements remain between the Forks of the Delaware and the Virginia Forrest Recreation Area trailheads. 

  • Middleburg Road (MM 132) to White Haven North Trailhead (MM 130.5) & White Haven South Trailhead (MM 130.2) to Tannery Road (MM 128.6): Obstruction within trail section; the LGSP White Haven Rehabilitation project construction will continue until Summer 2022. 
  • Lehigh Tannery – Rockport and Rockport – Glen Onoko: Obstruction within trail section; LGSP is undertaking a bridge rehabilitation project at the Rockport Access Area through late spring. 
  • Jim Thorpe (East) – Weissport (approximately MM 105.5 – 102): Obstruction within trail section; trail section open, but many areas are still very rocky or rutted. Final repairs are anticipated for Spring.
  • Catasauqua – Hanover Township (MM 80 – 81.5): Obstruction within trail section; Lehigh County and PennDOT anticipate a construction start date in April 2022- continue to check web map for updates.
  • Washington Crossing (Lower) – Yardley: Obstruction within trail section; Tebola Beans Bridge closure for public safety at MM 17.3 south of the intersection of Rt. 532 and Taylorsville Road. 
  • Washington Crossing (Lower) – Yardley: Obstruction within trail section; Sommer’s Authentic Camelback Bridge (pedestrian only) closure at MM 14.69 effective January 21st, 2022 for public safety due to structural deficiencies.

Written by: Liz Rosencrans, D&L Trail & Stewardship Manager