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Delaware & Lehigh - St. Michael's devotees at it again

This year’s cleanup in St. Michael’s cemetery was a big success, with fifty community members spending the sunny spring day sprucing up this cherished South Bethlehem resource.Volunteers cleanup St. Michael's cemetery. (Photo Courtesy of Dana Grubb)

Volunteers found less litter than in the past, allowing them to spend more time on raking, clipping, and shoveling activities. One of the most important efforts is filling in the depressions caused by settling or shifting soil. This year Kunsman Paving donated fill that was delivered by Barker and Barker Paving. Ken at Saucon True Value Hardware in Hellertown graciously donated a rake and shovel for the volunteers. Aquafina Water donated enough bottled water to keep everyone hydrated, and a gift certificate from Giant Foods Store in Hellertown provided snacks. Thanks to these businesses for making donations and to Holy Infancy for granting permission to work on the property!Jeanne Remmell rakes leaves to clear gravestones. (Photo Courtesy of Dana Grubb)

The problems facing the cemetery range from litter and vandalism to the persistent work of weather, weeds, and gravity. Join those community members who have decided to confront this daunting task by committing a few hours here and there to pick up the occasional gum wrapper and soda can or discourage vandalism simply by walking through the cemetery. At a minimum, if you have never been to the cemetery, you need to visit, and see why so many people are devoted to its future.Volunteer Zoe restores a clean edge to an overgrown walkway. (Photo Courtesy of Dana Grubb)

On May 30, another event will take place at St. Michael’s. Please attend a special Memorial Service at the cemetery at 10:30 a.m. (Rain location at Holy Infancy School, 4th and Webster Streets.) For more information, contact Joan Campion at [email protected].