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Delaware & Lehigh - Thank you, Trail Tenders!

In late September, the D&L Trail Tenders once again flocked to Walnutport for their annual picnic.  This is a chance to celebrate all of the hard work our volunteers do for the D&L Trail with some games, prizes, and great food.  We also take the opportunity to update all of the regional chapters about the work the D&L is doing around the Corridor and what each regional chapter has been up to.  This year we spent some time picking the tenders’ brains about ways to expand the volunteer program and promote the trail to new groups.

Chef Ed divvies out a bounty of culinary delights.

Special features of this year’s picnic included an impressive spread of culinary delights by Chef Ed.  In fact, the food is so good we might have to start calling the gathering something other than a “picnic” to do it justice.   The tenders also enjoyed Trail Tenders #1 ice cream, from Heavenly Hedgehog Ice Cream Shop in Bethlehem, a special flavor developed to honor the group.  And to think some trail groups have to settle for gorp!

Hungry Trail Tenders fill up on ice cream named in their honor!

The D&L Trail would look pretty shabby without our great volunteer group, and we want to thank all of the Trail Tenders for another great year!  We are always looking for new volunteers, so please consider joining us on the trail.