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Delaware & Lehigh - The Birds of Hugh Moore Park

By Rebecca VanHorn, D&L Intern

There are geese.


I’m hoping that any day now I will see the results of the diligent efforts of the “Geese Police” who patrol Hugh Moore Park and keep the pesky birds away. The culprits are diligent and motivated, and well-intentioned visitors to Hugh Moore Park sometimes feed the geese things they shouldn’t be eating, and that makes the park an attractive setting for the birds. Remember, when visiting the park, please don’t feed the geese!

Outside of Canada Geese, the variation of bird life here at Hugh Moore Park is surprisingly diverse. Avid bird watchers just might want to take a stroll down Section 8 of the Lehigh Canal that flows through the park, but really any portion of the 165 mile D&L Trail will provide bird-watching opportunities.

I was surprised to find that the D&L attracts a large bird-watching population, though I shouldn’t have been, considering the relative biodiversity the area allows. I spoke with a number of hikers, bikers, and joggers at “Step Out Lehigh Valley” event who make special trips with their cameras to photograph the various flora and fauna on the trail, but a special group was primarily concerned with photographing the ornithological life. But don’t take my word for it, hit the D&L Trail and see for yourself!