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Delaware & Lehigh - Tourism is Part of the Solution

Written by the Jim Thorpe Chamber of Commerce

Let’s be clear on the role of tourism in the local economy – it is undeniably all-important to the future of Carbon County.  Ask any business leader in the US and they will unanimously agree that tourism needs not only local support but the political will and vision to help it flourish.

It isn’t just about creating jobs for cooks, wait staff and people to clean rooms, important as these jobs are: tourism is a sustainable source of good jobs and living wages for electricians, plumbers, lawyers, realtors, title searchers, accountants, carpenters, masons, handymen and many others.

Kayakers pass under the D&L Trail's Nesquehoning Tresle, just north of Jim Thorpe.

It is also how many people are introduced to Carbon County in general. Some of them will ultimately come here and contribute in some way to our communities by paying into the tax base, by creating new businesses and jobs, buying and improving property, and raising their children here.

The addition of rooms, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, outdoor activities (thanks to Keith McCall, the D&L and the Carbon County Commissioners for the completion of part of the rail-trail, a big success story) creates more incentives not only for weekend stays, but mid-week visitation and therefore commerce for local businesses.

But most of all it creates the quality of life that helps Carbon County retain its own people instead of losing their talents and energy. It is their skill and imagination that will revive our towns, and further establish Carbon County as the place to be in Pennsylvania.

The newest section of the D&L Trail links Lehigh Gorge State Park to Historic Jim Thorpe.