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Delaware & Lehigh - Trail Friendly Business Spotlight: Jenny’s Sweets and More

Along the D&L Trail, you may expect to find bike shops, pizza joints, and places to lodge for the night. But, if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, visit Jenny’s Sweets and More in Lehighton. This penny candy shop stocks candies, chocolates, sodas, and other treats that hearken back to a “simpler” time. The “good ole days” when a kid could enjoy a summer afternoon with a nickel in their pocket. When you walk in, soft music, wax scented candles, and Jenny herself greet you with a warm welcome.  

Jenny, born and raised in Lehighton, opened the candy shop 2 years ago. It came out of a desire to spread warmth and love in her hometown. She wanted to add to the fondness of her town for locals and visitors. Her hope is that all who visit experience what her town has to offer. 

Fun Fact: Jenny is so passionate about her quaint, community-driven hometown that she wrote a trilogy of books about life in Lehighton!

A visit to Jenny’s Sweets and More is really one to savor. The kind of experience you share with the whole family. With over 800 different types of sweets, there is something to satisfy the desires of even the most ardent sweet tooth.  

Jenny is a proud Trail Friendly Business owner. She has a bike repair kit on hand, fills up water bottles, and has a place for cell phone charging. She is also located next to Colonel Jacob Weiss Park. There trail users can take advantage of bike racks, benches, and plenty of green space.  

So, next time you are traveling by Lehighton on the D&L Trail, make a stop to check out Jenny’s Sweets and More! She’s open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays 11am-5pm and Friday 12:30pm –6:30pm. Also, if you are looking for a place to start a journey, you can park at the Lehighton D&L Trailhead.