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Delaware & Lehigh - Major Funding Announcement in the Lehigh Valley
An image of the press event for the funding announcement. PADCNR Secretary Dunn is currently speaking.

On November 17th, 2022, PA State Senator Pat Browne, Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and Executive Director Claire Sadler of the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor gathered at Kimmett’s Lock Trailhead to celebrate one of the largest funding allocations and awards in D&L Trail history.  

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Browne and Dunn announced a $7 Million dedication to progress the D&L Trail in the Lehigh Valley, allocating $2 Million and $5 Million respectively. The majority of the funds ($2 Million that Browne secured through the PA State budget and $3 Million from PADCNR) will be used to design and construct the D&L Trail on the eastern side of the Lehigh River (Canal Side) in Catasauqua, Hanover, and Allentown. When complete, this will provide a connected and continuous trail for 140 miles from Bristol, Bucks County to Mountain Top, Luzerne County.  

The remaining $2 Million of PADCNR’s funds, Dunn announced, have been awarded to and will be matched by Lehigh County to acquire the D&L Trail alignment on the western side of the Lehigh River, the last piece of privately owned property needed to design and build the West Bank Rail Trail and Lehigh Valley Loop of the D&L Trail.  

Visit our Interactive Map and website for more information as these projects progress.

Web Map Updates

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Interactive Webmap is updated regularly with information provided by landowners. Please note, an update will remain posted with the original posting date for as long as the incident is still relevant.  

Please check our Web Map for current updates before planning any excursions on the D&L Trail.  

  • Black Diamond – White Haven: Complete, open and improved– The D&L Trail is open north of White Haven (MM 130.5)
  • White Haven – Lehigh Tannery:  Obstruction within trail – The D&L Trail is open south of White Haven (MM 130.2) to MM 129.9 and remains closed from MM 129.9 to MM 128.6 
  • Northampton – North Catasauqua: Complete, open and improved – The D&L Trail is open in Northampton and North Catasauqua.
  • North Catasauqua – Catasauqua: Complete, open and improved – The D&L Trail remains open and passable from Catasauqua (MM 80.2) to Deily Coal Yard (MM 79.2). 
  • The Delaware Canal region was one of the most heavily damaged sections of the D&L Trail after Tropical Storm Ida.
    • Caution advisements remain between the Forks of the Delaware and the Virginia Forrest Recreation Area trailheads. 
    • Closures at MM 43 and MM 31.1 remain closed to trail users.
  • Virginia Forrest Recreation Area – New Hope: Complete, open and improved  – The D&L Trail is open.
  • Washington Crossing (Lower) – Yardley: Complete, open and improved – Repairs were completed for the Sommer’s Authentic Camelback Bridge over the canal and the D&L Trail towpath is open. 

Written by DLNHC Trail and Stewardship Manager, Liz Rosencrans