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Delaware & Lehigh - Benefits Big and Small
Joe and JoAnne Zairo, two participants of Get Your Tail on the Trail, showing off their GYTOT hats after completing the 165 Challenge.

Get Your Tail on the Trail (GYTOT) had 2,536 people active in the program, making 2022 another successful year for healthy lifestyles throughout the Corridor! This year alone we have covered a total of 696,634 miles of terrain. This was accomplished in a variety of ways and many badges were earned as people logged their miles.  

Remember, earning badges is easy! After you have completed a walk, run, hike or any other modality listed on our website, simply log your miles by including what type of activity you did and where you did it. Our website tracks your miles and rewards you with a badge when you have completed the parameters set. Many of our badges are standard, but we added in some fun, extra badges to keep people engaged. For example, or biggest challenge of the year is always our 165 Challenge. This challenge requires people to log 165 miles, the length of the D&L Trail, between the months of May and November.

The beauty of GYTOT is that it can take many forms. People just starting to become active can take part as well as people who regularly run marathons. If you are a swimmer, kayaker, or cyclist, the program works for you too. You can log miles by yourself or with a group of people. However you log your hours, keep in mind some of these proven benefits to getting out and moving your body.  

  • Walking 30 minutes a day increases cardiovascular fitness, strengthens bones, and boosts muscle power and endurance.*
  • Studies have shown that getting outside, whether you are exercising or not, has a lot of increased mental benefits as well, such as decreasing certain symptoms of depression.* 

Being outside and away from all the buzzing, flashing, and whirring television, cars, and onslaught of our modern world can help in simple ways such as better breathing and a better mood. It has also been proven to help in much larger ways such as increasing your immune system and helping you sleep better.* 

Additionally, our in-person events, social media campaigns, badges, and leaderboards add an element of socialization and fun. Many of our participants join in groups or encourage their friends to sign up with them. These extra elements of competition and community prove to be effective motivating factors for people of all ages in the program.

Along with the various benefits of getting outdoors and exercising mentioned above, GYTOT offers health incentives to keep you moving. This year’s 165 prize was a new baseball cap (seen in the picture above). Various swag items and gift cards to local Trail Friendly Businesses are some other prizes people are enjoying as they log those miles.

If you aren’t enjoying all the benefits of Get Your Tail on the Trail, what are you waiting for? 

Find us on Facebook and start engaging with our social media posts and start logging your miles on so that you too can reap the physical, mental, and social benefits of the program. 

Need a way to jump start your involvement? After the holidays join us for our Winter Challenge which will begin in February. Check out our website for more information. 

Already an avid member of GYTOT? Keep it up! 

Written by DLNHC Education Manager Whitney Davison