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Delaware & Lehigh - Work Resumes on D&L Trail Projects in Lehigh and Carbon Counties

Written by Scott Everett, D&L Trail Manager

I sit here writing this update as yet another spring shower passes and the rain has prevented work on the trail.  There is, however, some great news to report on both projects.

The resumption of both the 6.5-mile project in Lehigh County and the 2.9-mile project in Carbon County saw a significant delay the first few months of 2011.  The lengthy snow pack coupled with numerous rainstorms required us to wait until things dried out.  Since the East Penn Township, Carbon County project was not as far along as the Lehigh County project, the contractor was able to work through this weather on completing the drainage portion of the project but little else.  With the Lehigh County project awaiting the base surface, we had no choice but to wait until the weather cooperated.

Progress continues on Lehigh County's new section of trail.

I am pleased to report that the past two weeks has seen significant progress on both projects.  On Lehigh County’s D&L Trail project, the base material has now been laid for the entire 6.5 miles and the top surfacing has just begun.  The trail is still a construction zone with heavy equipment and dump trucks everywhere.  For your own safety, we ask that people observe all cautionary signage including “Road Closed” on the trail when posted.  I will keep everyone up to speed on progress as the County approaches completion of the project.

A work crew lays down the trail base on East Penn's new section of trail.

On our D&L Trail project in East Penn Township, work started yesterday in laying the base surface of limestone.  Ironically, all of the spring rain allowed us to get a much better handle on the drainage issues and enabled us to add additional swales and pipes to further ensure stability of the trail surface.  For your personal safety, I would ask that everyone also observe the “Trail Closed” signs on this project when posted.

I am looking forward to everyone being able to experience these beautiful sections of D&L Trail with the scenic Lehigh River running adjacent to most of it.  When completed, there will be a roughly 15-mile section of improved D&L Trail from the Cementon Trailhead in Whitehall Township, Lehigh County to the East Penn Boat Launch at Riverview Park in East Penn Township, Carbon County.

Please check back here for frequent updates as these projects near their completions.