COVID-19 Update

Delaware & Lehigh - COVID-19 Update

COVID-19: D&L Updates

When you head out on the trail, please abide by local, state and federal directives. Avoid large gatherings of people, practice 6’ social distancing, and avoid touching the surfaces of amenities such as water fountains and benches. As always, enjoy yourself, and post photos! #dltrail

Support Resilience

The D&L Trail has been a respite and getaway for many during stay-at-home orders. If you’ve enjoyed your visits to the D&L Trail and if you can we hope you’ll consider supporting our Campaign for Resilience. When you make a gift to the Campaign for Resilience, your support goes to mission-critical, immediate needs like addressing D&L Trail needs including safety signage and clean-up and maintenance support during and after the stay-at-home period.

Visit for more information and to give.

D&L Trail

The D&L Trail is owned and managed by three dozen different organizations.  We will update the status of the D&L Trail with the closures or shut-downs due to COVID-19 measures on this page.  If you are interested in individual sections or trail projects please visit the interactive trail map.

Currently the following D&L Trail sections are CLOSED:

  • TINICUM AQUEDUCT AREA (MILE 37):  The towpath at the Tinicum Aqueduct is currently closed 24/7 for visitor safety.  This closure is due to the ongoing repair project at the aqueduct, and is expected to last through the end of July, or until the repair project has completed.  This section of the trail will NOT be open weekends.
  • INTERMITTENT TRAIL CLOSURE:  The towpath may be closed in the area of I-95/I-295, Scudder Falls Bridge, intermittently through end of July 2020.  Closures may occur between 6am-5pm Monday through Friday; the trail will be open on weekends. The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission (DRJTBC) will be working on the I-295 bridge and need to make these intermittent closures.  For additional information please visit the DRJTBC website at or you can contact the park office at 610-982-5560.

The following facilities associated with the trail are CLOSED:

  • Some state parks and state forests. Statement from DCNR: DCNR is undertaking a phased reopening of Pennsylvania state park and forest facilities in keeping with Governor Wolf’s guidance and direction. All DCNR lands including trails, lakes, rivers, streams, forests, roads, and parking areas are accessible statewide for recreation; however, the availability of facilities such as bathrooms, offices, and campgrounds varies. This DCNR online map shows you what state park and forest facilities are open by county. The map will be updated when counties move from one phase to another.

For the D&L Trail this affects:

Trail etiquette for times of social distancing

During stressful times, spending time in nature can be part of your self-care. Given the need for social distancing, please refrain from using the trail if you or someone you know has been unwell. For all others, please follow these best practices:

  • Do not recreate in groups.  Practice social distancing and increase your distance and limit interactions with other trail users.
  • Go to bathroom at home.  Many, normally open, restrooms will be closed.
  • Leave no trace. Pack out what you bring in.  Many trash facilities will not be serviced during this time period.
  • Be safe and do not take any unnecessary risks. Our medical systems are at their limit and we want to avoid accidents that would require additional medical services.
  • Take hand sanitizer with you and use it regularly.
  • Do not touch public services, such as benches or water fountains, unless necessary.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after outdoor recreation and after touching any public surfaces.
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, and nose.
  • Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with a tissue or flexed elbow.
  • If you are sick, stay home.

If you can, consider supporting our Campaign for Resilience to help with mission critical needs during this time.

Last updated on May 13, 2020.