D&L Campaign for Resilience

Delaware & Lehigh - D&L Campaign for Resilience

A United D&L Community

For more than 200 years, our region’s story has been one of resilience. In these difficult times, we ask you to support that resilience.

We are losing the revenue we would normally be receiving at the National Canal Museum this time of year. Meanwhile, trail use has increased dramatically—as much as 336% since mid-March—so we are preparing for increased maintenance needs.

But as we have learned from our mule-drawn canalboat, when the weight of heavy cargo is spread out, it’s easy to keep it afloat. We are confident that a broad base of support will keep us buoyant amid these rough waters.

Our staff is still on the job, working remotely to connect the trail, address stakeholder needs, and deliver educational programming. We still look forward to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the National Canal Museum with you this year and planning for the next 50 years.

Imagine the difference that 14 more miles of D&L Trail in the Lehigh Valley, 15 more miles in Luzerne County, and expanded museum and education initiatives could make.

Together, we can remain resilient and face the future as one D&L community.

When you make a gift to the Campaign for Resilience, your support goes to mission-critical, immediate needs like:

  • Addressing D&L Trail needs including safety signage and clean-up and maintenance support during and after the stay-at-home period
  • Boarding our mules, Hank and George
  • Keeping our seasonal National Canal Museum staff working to create digital educational content
  • Offsetting lost revenue from our special exhibit and associated sponsorship
  • Acquiring video equipment and technology tools to deliver digital content

We realize not everyone can give during this time, but we ask you to consider giving if you can.