Kids on the Canal – Immersion Fest

Delaware & Lehigh - Kids on the Canal – Immersion Fest


11:30 am-4:30 pm


National Canal Museum
2750 Hugh Moore Park Rd, Easton, Pennsylvania, 18042

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Welcome to Immersion Fest. Each spring Hugh Moore Park comes alive with living history as the educators of the National Canal Museum put on Immersion Day field trips for local schools. This is such a great program we have decided to open it up for the community for 1 day this month. Come ride the canal boat, learn about buoyancy and friction and why boats were a better option than a horse and wagon. Come to understand the geology behind our region and coal’s role in our development. Learn about everyday canal life. Visit our lock tender house, blow a conch shell, learn to harness a mule, wash some laundry like it is 1862. While you’re at it watch a blacksmith at work. Even back in the 1800s kids wanted to play too so come try your hand at some colonial games and old fashioned crafts.