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Delaware & Lehigh - The 165 Challenge: Taking Trail Time Outs for My Health

Post by: Claire Sadler, D&L Director, Trails & Conservation

I tend to be categorized as a busy, always on the move person but ironically, that means I have to try harder to reserve time for exercise. That’s why the Get Your Tail on the Trail program is helpful to me; it motivates me to block time to get out on the trail (normally the D&L Trail) and stop letting exercise be the first thing to be eliminated when I get really busy. On top of that, time on the trail is my meditation and stress relief. I strap on the sneakers, leash my dog, Ripley, and hit the trail to breathe fresh air, listen to the birds (or the peace and quiet), and look for flowers, butterflies, deer, autumn leaves, glistening icicles or anything else nature shows off that day. Getting my tail on the trail is just as beneficial to my mental health as it is to my physical health!


The current 165 Mile Challenge started May 1, 2016 and is nearing the end on November 1, 2016 so I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t logged in on to enter all my walks, bike rides and jogs. I hope to find time to sit down before November 1st and enter the many miles I’ve tracked using MapMyDogWalk app. However, even if I don’t find time in my busy schedule to enter my hard earned miles and get the end of challenge incentive, the physical and mental benefits are automatic and will not be erased. That’s the biggest incentive for me when I get my tail on the trail!

Looking for motivation to help you be more active, motivation to spend time outdoors with your family, or motivation to reserve time in your already busy schedule for your health? Check out this partnership program at and register to log your miles for health!

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