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Delaware & Lehigh - National Coffee Day on the D&L Trail – Bucks County, Lehigh Valley, Carbon and Luzerne Counties

Blog Post By: Terri Monserrat, Communications & Education Coordinator

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson called coffee “the favorite drink of the civilized world?”

When it comes to important drinks of U.S. history, coffee just may top the list. In the late 1700s, coffee houses became the location of important political discussions. Following the 1773 Boston Tea Party, drinking coffee, as opposed to tea, became synonymous with patriotism. During the Revolutionary War, Philadelphia’s Merchant’s Coffee House, also known as City Tavern, became the unofficial home of the Continental Congress and a place where ideas that influenced the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution began to take shape.

You could say that coffee is the drink of revolution. For many D&L Staffers, coffee gets our wheels spinning – literally. We head out for a bike ride, run or walk on the D&L Trail with a goal of making it to the nearest local coffee shop. After sipping some of the finest coffee the Corridor has to offer, we head back the way we came. You can find us discussing ideas on how to make the D&L Trail and Corridor better for you, if we are together, or stopping to email ourselves the ideas we come up with on the trail if we are alone, because we know there is always room for improvement.

One of those ideas was a series of blog posts that connect you to locally owned businesses along the trail. Earlier this year, we compiled a list for National Ice Cream Day. Today, in honor of National Coffee Day, we compiled a list of our favorite local coffee shops that are located on, or are easily accessible from, the D&L Trail.

  1. Calm Waters Coffee Roasters | Bristol |
  2. C’est La Vie | New Hope |
  3. Lumberville General Store | Lumberville |
  4. Homestead Coffee Roasters | Upper Black Eddy |
  5. Quadrant Book Mart & Coffee House | Easton |
  6. Terra Café | Easton |
  7. Taylor Roasted Coffee House | Northampton |
  8. Strange Brew | Jim Thorpe |
  9. David’s Coffee Shop | Wilkes-Barre |

Fall adventures on the D&L Trail are better with coffee and every adventure is better with friends. Plan your next trip on the D&L Trail around one of the Corridor’s many local businesses and check back here next week for a list of favorite places to stop for a hot beverage from our non-coffee drinking staff members.

As always, please comment and let us know if you have a favorite coffee shop along the trail or if you’d add any stops to our list.

Homestead Coffee Roasters

Homestead Coffee Roasters

Terra Cafe

Terra Cafe