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Delaware & Lehigh - D&L Member Feature: Sharon Wunner of Bear Creek Township

When D&L Member Sharon Wunner of Bear Creek Township retired in January 2016, she got a new perspective on life. She began to embrace what she calls the “three H’s” of living near a nationally renowned recreational trail and waterway.

The first H is happiness.

“Once you retire, you look at what makes you happy. It’s hard to do that when you’re raising a family, working, and have so many obligations,” she said during a recent conversation.

Sharon quickly discovered what makes her happy is pretty simple— hiking, biking, kayaking, and even doing yoga outdoors along the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers and canals.

“My favorite spot to ride is Lehigh Gorge State Park,” she says. “It’s very beautiful and so close to my home. Last year I focused on the Delaware River more and did a lot of biking along Delaware Canal State Park. Every section has its own beauty.”

The second H is harmony.

“Being outdoors along the trail brings me in touch with Nature and the environment and that’s where humanity comes in. When you get out in Nature, without all of the negative news, you begin to feel like a human again. And hiking with my friends in Nature helps me find harmony.

The third H is health.

Last but not least, the trail keeps Sharon and her friends healthy. She is psyched that Get Your Tail on the Trail has started a Northeast PA chapter with new hiking events. “When I wake up in the morning, I’m always thinking, ‘What am I grateful for? What can I improve upon? How can I grow?’”

Sharon likes to partner up with the D&L, Pennsylvania DCNR, and the state parks for her outings because their programs are a great combination of scenic beauty and education.

She first became involved with the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor as a Trail Tender, giving back to the trail by clearing brush and garbage out of Hugh Moore Park and along Lehigh Drive. Then, she became a D&L member and joined the annual D&L Heritage Half Marathon as a walker in 2016. Today, she is training to become a D&L Ambassador so that she can help on the National Canal Museum’s canal boat and share the treasures of the trail out in the community.

“Once you do find what makes you happy, embrace it!” she says. “Then, get your friends involved. I love the D&L Trail and look forward to giving back.”

Sharon on the National Canal Museum canal boat ride with our docent Doug Milne over the summer months.