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Delaware & Lehigh - Two Construction Projects Underway

This week marks the first time that the D&L is undertaking two large trail projects simultaneously. The projects are representative of the recent wave of trail improvements that have opened and transformed many segments of the D&L Trail during the past few years.Works continues at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center trailhead

The first project is a continuation of the work being done on the trail and trailhead in the area of Lehigh Gap Nature Center in Lehigh County. The end result will be a newly paved entrance road and parking lot, with the D&L Trail running parallel. The Lehigh Gap area will be a centerpiece of the trail, and this project will ensure that all trail users have easy and safe access.The first day of work at the Weissport trailhead

The second project will improve the Weissport trailhead, by redesigning and repaving the parking lot, and stabilize the Lehigh Canal, by replacing the eroded, earthen bank with durable, laid stone. This is a very heavily-used section of the D&L Trail, and we are looking forward to improving visitors’ experience.