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Delaware & Lehigh - 2018 Trail Volunteer Report

By Trail Programs Manager Brian Greene

One of the best parts of my job is working with our amazing trail volunteers.  The D&L Trail would not be what it is without the great efforts of volunteers that give back to the trail that they love.  Here at the DLNHC we have two trail volunteer programs, Trail Tenders and Trail Patrol.  Let me talk about some of the accomplishments from 2018.

Trail Tenders is a program that allows people to help with maintenance projects along the D&L Trail.  Whether it is picking up trash, removing brush, painting, helping prepare for field trips or fixing signs people get out and make a difference. In 2018 we had 22 events that 239 people participated in for a total of 691 hours!  This was an increase from 2017. Moreover, what did they do?  Maintain 2.5 miles of canal, 19.7 miles of trail, repair 16 signs, maintain 16 historic structures, and remove approximately 3,600 pounds of trash!

Trail Patrol volunteers serve as ambassadors helping trail users and reporting conditions back to the D&L. In 2018 we had 14 trail patrol members.  This season they logged 163 reports, helped 188 trail users and volunteered 375 hours.  How many trail miles did that cover? 2,855! That is a larger distance than traveling from New York to Los Angeles.

But it’s not about the data.  It’s about all the great people who took time out of their busy days to give back to the D&L Trail. So to all the people who volunteered for the D&L Trail in 2018, I and hundreds of thousands of trail users say thank you!  We hope to see you again next year.