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Delaware & Lehigh - Trail Friendly Business Spotlight: Beautiful Hidden Treasures

Yvonne Stoudt, Beautiful Hidden Treasures founder and owner, started with a dream of reviving gems of the past. To uncover the hidden décor, kitchenware, tools… you name it…and provide a place for people to rediscover them at a reasonable price. She started four years ago selling out of a shelf in her home. Later, she upgraded to a booth in an antique shop. Now, she celebrates her two-year anniversary with a storefront in Lehighton.  

When asked what makes her store unique, Yvonne said, “Beautiful Hidden Treasures has a relaxed feel. When you walk in, it is almost like you are strolling through someone’s house. Not super cluttered, but full of life.” 

Yvonne says she is selective about what she shows and is not just piling up a lot of junk.  She also talked about her love of the “rust” and “shine”. Antique and modern. Old and new. While Yvonne houses a wide array of vintage and antique items, she is also up to date with people’s desires for a more 21st century style.  

Conveniently located, her shop is just a few hundred feet away from the D&L Trail. More specifically, trail users can find the shop a quarter mile from the Lehighton D&L Trailhead. Like the D&L towpath, which was once a thing of the past and now a rediscovered trail, Beautiful Hidden Treasures is a diamond in the rough that you need to check out (and also a good place to find plenty of other diamonds in the rough that Yvonne has to offer!).

Beautiful Hidden Treasures is open Tuesday-Saturday 12am-4pm. As a committed Trail Friendly Business, Beautiful Hidden Treasures has a place to park bikes and can ship items directly to your house (unless it is fragile and will break!). So, check it out during your next trip on the D&L Trail near Lehighton! See more of Yvonne’s goods at her Facebook page, too!