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Delaware & Lehigh - Spring Has Sprung in the Corridor

Seasonal Announcements, Spring 2024

The spring season brings waves of warmer weather along with cooler evenings and frequent rain. This spring we’re anticipating wetter weather with higher average temperatures ranging from 42-78°F. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your outdoor adventures this season, check out the below tips:

  • It’s Mud Season – wet weather conditions from thawing and frequent rain showers have rightfully dubbed this time of year “mud season.”  The D&L Trail is a mix of compacted gravel and pavement to avoid collecting water, but there are areas where water pools after a heavy storm. Avoid low lying trail sections during and after heavy rainfalls and remember that riding bikes or horses after wet weather can damage the trail surface and should be avoided. 
  • Mother Nature is Unpredictable – even the most prepared adventurers can be caught by surprise weather during Spring. Be prepared for sudden rain, high river and canal levels, and even spots of winter weather over the next two months. Be sure to pack gear for all weather conditions including boots or waterproof shoes, a rain jacket, and a spare warm layer. If traveling to a trailhead by car, it’s always a good idea to keep a towel and a change of clothes handy.  
  • New Vegetation Needs Your Protection – budding plants along the trail are a sight for sore eyes, but remember they are vulnerable. Avoid damaging new growth along the trail by staying on the marked trail path.  
  • Prescribed Burns are in Our Area – a prescribed burn is a controlled fire that is set at a specific location, time and temperature to improve the health of an ecosystem. An effective burn can provide the needed growing conditions for native plants and reduce fuel for damaging wildfires. The Pennsylvania Game Commission will be conducting prescribed burns this spring within the State Game Lands that border the D&L Trail – check out the interactive map to stay informed.  
  • Protective Parents Come in All Shapes and Sizes – the trail traverses many local habitats that wildlife call home. Always stay on the path and keep your eyes and ears open for animals and their young crossing the trail. Be sure to give them ample space. Don’t be surprised to see deer, geese (lots of geese!), skunks, and even bears.      

If you’re looking for ways to get outside and make a difference this year, register for a D&L Trail Tender clean up. Our 2024 calendar is posted online – check it out and register for a public clean up here. Interested in holding your own clean up with friends or co-workers? Learn more here and contact Liz Rosencrans to plan your event.  

Spring is also when we recognize National Celebrate Trails Day on Saturday 4/27. Find out ways to celebrate the D&L Trail across the Corridor in the Celebrate Earth Month installation of Dirt on the Trail. In June, you’ll have another chance to show the world just how much you love trails on National Trails Day (6/1) – stay tuned for activities planned along the D&L Trail near you. 

The 3rd Annual State of the D&L Trail public update is back! Join us virtually at 6PM on Tuesday April 16th to learn all you’ll need to know as you plan your 2024 D&L Trail adventures. We’ll share what you can expect on the trail this year, how to navigate into nearby towns, and all the best businesses to check out while you’re there. Visit our State of the D&L Trail Address page to learn more.

D&L Trail Update, Spring 2024

Multiple sections of the D&L Trail are currently under construction to repair the trail surface and enhance the modern and historic structures that protect the trail.  

One prime example of this is the Canal Overflow Rehabilitation project that is underway between Jim Thorpe and Weissport at MM 102.93 and 102.42. Led by DLNHC and the Lehigh Canal Recreation Commission, Phase I of this project is rebuilding two of the informal canal overflows, or “dips” along the trail. With grant funding from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Department of Community and Economic Development, the overflows will be extended to better manage the flow of water from the Lehigh Canal into the Lehigh River during storm events and will more accurately represent what the historic overflows in this area looked like. Managing the water level in the canal is important for protecting the D&L Trail from washouts, preventing the canal bank below the trail from collapsing under pressure, and for maintaining a healthy ecosystem for the wildlife that call the Lehigh Canal home. The trail is anticipated to reopen in Spring.  

Looking for a new trail section to enjoy in this area? For an alternative trail section, explore the Parryville Spur. This 1.4 mile natural grass path along the Lehigh Canal is rich with historic canal remnants and wildlife. In the south it ends at a fork between the Lehigh River and the Pohopoco Creek with scenic views and fishing.  

Stay up to date on this and more by reading DLNHC newsletters, checking out the online interactive map, and scrolling through our social media.

Geese Attack Preventatives

Contributed by Tiffany Sera

As we continue to move into the warmer weather months, it is important to remember that Spring is Canada Geese mating season. Geese are generally docile animals but can sometimes become aggressive if they feel their nest or young are threatened (and who wouldn’t be!). When you see a goose along the trail this season, slow down and wait for the goose and its goslings to move to the side – try gently moving forward and ringing a bike bell if they don’t move right away. If you encounter a protective goose, it is important to remain calm and quiet as you slowly back away from the bird while maintaining eye contact. Should a goose try and attack you by flying forward, duck and move quickly to the side while maintaining eye contact. The main thing to remember is that serious injuries from goose attacks are rare! Maintaining a distance from Canada Geese ensures that you, the geese, and their babies remain safe on the trail.  

Find Your Way: D&L Trail Webmap

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Interactive Webmap is updated regularly with information provided by landowners. Please note, an update will remain posted with the original posting date for as long as the incident is still relevant for the landowner. The below list includes NEW trail closures or openings only. 

Please check our Web Map for current updates before planning any excursions on the D&L Trail.  

  • The Delaware Canal region: There are multiple construction projects throughout the Delaware Canal Region and D&L Trail statuses may change weekly. Please practice patience and safety while navigating around these closures as it takes time to properly rebuild the trail.
    • Closures at MM 58.9 to MM 52, MM 44 and MM 31 remain closed to trail users. 
  • Washington Crossing (Lower) – Yardley: Obstruction within trail section – the D&L Trail will have temporary closures at the Mary Yardley Footbridge (MM 14.3). It will be open after hours and during weekends. 
  • Washington Crossing (Upper) – Washington Crossing (Lower):  Obstruction within trail section – the D&L Trail is closed at Bowman’s Hill Wastegate in Upper Makefield (MM 21.8) for construction
  • New Hope – Washington Crossing (Upper): Obstruction within trail section – the D&L Trail and bridge at River House at Odette’s (MM 24) is closed due to storm damage.
  • Durham Aqueduct – Tinicum Park: Obstruction within trail section – the D&L Trail is closed at MM 43 at Canal Lane in Bridgeton Township due to construction.
  • Wy Hit Tuk Park – Theodore Roosevelt Recreation Area: Obstruction within trail section – the D&L Trail is closed between MM 56.5 and 54.1 in Williams Township for sinkhole repairs.
  • Farmersville Road – Route 33 Boat Launch: Notification – this section is open, but we remind trail users to use caution between Hope Road (MM 64.7) and the Rt 33 Boat Launch (MM 64) during/following rain events due to frequent washouts.  
  • Jim Thorpe (East) – Weissport: Obstruction within trail section – the D&L Trail is CLOSED between the Mansion House Bridge in Jim Thorpe (MM 106.1) south to the Weissport Trailhead (MM 102) until Spring 2024 while the canal overflows are being reconstructed.