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Trail Status Key

  • Complete, open and improved
  • Obstruction within trail section, see description
  • Planned Future linkage and trail development
  • Unimproved open, travel at your own risk


Things to Do

Trail Section: Farmersville Road – Route 33 Boat Launch

Status: Complete, open and improved

Distance: 2.1

 Trail users have two options for navigating this section:

1) follow the towpath at your own risk- use caution and dismount your bicycle when navigating washouts. Heading toward Bristol, trail users should carefully cross Hope Road near the entrance to the private property of Bethlehem Boat Club. Turn left (away from the Bethlehem Boat Club entrance) and follow Hope Road for only 100 feet then turn right to continue along the narrow towpath beside the canal.

2) follow the PA Fish and Boat Commission’s gravel access road that parallels the towpath to the north. Heading towards Bristol, carefully cross Hope Road near the entrance to the private property of the Boat Club, turn left (away from the Bethlehem Boat Club entrance) and follow Hope Road under the bridge until you reach the PA fish and Boat Commission’s access road on your right, follow the road until you reach the boat launch/parking area and continue east on the rail-trail section through Palmer Township. This access road is primarily for boat trailers, please be courteous and leave room for vehicles to pass.

Please use caution when crossing Hope Road and the Bethlehem Boat Club access road, as there may be trucks with trailers traveling through. The section between Hope Road and the Route 33 Boat Launch is unimproved and quite narrow. Please use caution, stay to the right, and be respectful of other trail users.

This section of trail follows the historic canal towpath from Farmersville Road to Route 33 Access Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Launch.  The Rt. 33 Access is owned by the PA Fish and Boat Commission and it was developed for fishing and boating activities. The agency allows the public to utilize the property/parking lot as a courtesy for access to the local trail system for walking, dog walking, bike riding and similar activities.

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Things to Do


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