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Trail Status Key

  • Complete, open and improved
  • Obstruction within trail section, see description
  • Planned Future linkage and trail development
  • Unimproved open, travel at your own risk


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Trail Section: Theodore Roosevelt Recreation Area – Durham Aqueduct

Status: Complete, open and improved

Distance: 3.9

8/2022 Update: Sections of the D&L Trail from Easton to Riegelsville are currently surfaced with large gravel. This is the first step in repairing these trail sections- following trail repairs will cover these stones with the fine crushed stone characteristic of the D&L Trail. Please use caution when riding on these sections.

2/17/2023 Update: If you plan to use the Delaware Canal region of the D&L Trail it is highly advised that you use caution between Easton (MP 58.89) and Point Pleasant, Lock 14 (MP32.3) keeping alert for trail damage or debris. Keep alert for heavy equipment canal dredging closures. Heed all signs for road and towpath closures. Check back for status updates.

This D&L Trail section allows users to travel between Northampton County and Bucks County and through the town of Riegelsville. This section is part of over 50 miles of the D&L Trail designated as National Recreation Trail within Delaware Canal State Park from Easton to Bristol near Philadelphia. For more information specific to the D&L Trail along the Delaware Canal please refer to the Delaware Canal State Park and Friends of the Delaware Canal websites.

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Things to Do


Benjamin Riegel House

The Benjamin Riegel House is significant as an excellent example of a vernacular Georgian style house. Riegel, a miller by trade, owned several area mills and was instrumental in the development of both Riegelsville, New Jersey and Riegelsville, Pennsylvania. Riegel... More

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Delaware Canal State Park

The Delaware Canal is the only remaining continuously intact canal of the great towpath canal building era of the early and mid-19th century. Mule- drawn canal boat rides and the Lock Tender’s House Visitor Center are at New Hope. Paralleling... More

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