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  • Obstruction within trail section, see description
  • Planned Future linkage and trail development
  • Unimproved open, travel at your own risk


Things to Do

Palmer Township Recreation Trail

Things to Do

Palmer Township Recreation Trail PO Box 3039 Palmer, PA 18043 Get Directions

The Palmer Township Recreation Trail (a.k.a. the Towpath Bike Trail) is a terrific community asset for Palmer and Bethlehem Township residents and a great destination for visitors, as well. Three modes of transportation once operated on this corridor: Lehigh Canal, the Central Railroad of New Jersey, and the Lehigh Valley Transit (LVT) interurban. The eight-foot-wide asphalt trail starts near the Easton Area High School and traverses a variety of landscapes including forests, farmland, residential neighborhoods, and the banks of the Lehigh River.