Trail Towns Amenity Project Closeout

Delaware & Lehigh - Trail Towns Amenity Project Closeout

This is the page that you complete after your amenity is installed and you are ready to close out the project and get reimbursed.

The general steps are:

  1. Collect all receipts, invoices, and expenses.  Organize them and scan them into a single pdf.  This will be uploaded to the form below.
  2. Fill out the excel spreadsheet listing all the receipts, invoices and expenses.  Save this for your records.  This will be uploaded to the form below.
  3. We recommend that you fill out your responses to the form below on this word document then save it for your records.  Then copy and paste it into the form below.

If you have any questions, please contact the Economic Development Manager via email or call 610-923-3548 ext. 2229.

Amenity Project Closeout Form

  • Describe the project and the amenity
  • How does this amenity encourage/promote/help trail users?
  • Share a success story or feedback you have received from the community about this project.
  • Estimate how many people use this on a daily basis.
  • How will this be maintained? Who will maintain it?
  • If more than one item, list the last date.
  • Amount of money requested for reimbursement. Percent must be at least the percent listed in your award agreement.
  • Amount of matching funds towards cash costs of project.
  • Source or sources of the additional funding.
  • Reimbursement request + matching funds = Total Project Cash Costs
  • Upload the spreadsheet of expenses that list each expense that adds up to the total project cost. If you have trouble uploading email it to [email protected] or call 215-781-2605
    Max. file size: 150 MB.
  • Scan all of your receipts, invoices, and expenses and combine into a single pdf that you upload here. These expenses should match the ones listed on the spreadsheet. If you have trouble call or email [email protected]
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 150 MB.
    • Included 2-4 photos of the project/amenity. If you have trouble uploading, email [email protected]
      Drop files here or
      Max. file size: 100 MB.