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Trail Status Key

  • Complete, open and improved
  • Obstruction within trail section, see description
  • Planned Future linkage and trail development
  • Unimproved open, travel at your own risk


Things to Do

Trail Section: Freemansburg – Farmersville Road

Status: Complete, open and improved

Distance: 1.5

This Freemansburg trail contains improved and unimproved trail surfaces. It follows the canal towpath and passes Lock 44 and Lockhouse at the Freemansburg Education Center. Continuing, the trail also passes Lock 45 and chimney remains of a lockhouse in Bethlehem Township. Please visit the Freemansburg Trailhead page for an update on parking availability and pedestrian bridge closure.

To continue on the D&L Trail from the fenced Bethlehem Boat Club private property, turn left up Hope Road under the stone trestle. Make a right onto the gravel Route 33 Boat Launch access road. This will take you to the parking lot and the next section of delineated D&L Trail.

The Freemansburg Trailhead and Route 33 Boat Launch Trailhead are both also near Lehigh River Water Trail access points. Please refer to Wildlands Conservancy’s Lehigh River Water Trail website for more information on trips along the water trail.

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Things to Do

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